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As a reseller, we have a large stock of most of the best selling Paper & Digital Publications such as SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, COLREG, ALL THE CODE BOOKS, MANUALS, ISM & ISPS etc.. Also in our stock are all the volumes of Admiralty List of Radio Signals , Sailing Directions such as Africa Pilots, Admiralty Tide Tables, List of Light & Fog Signals, Local Tide Tables, Nautical Almanac, record / log books etc.


We have a staff capacity of 13 competent personnel who have acquired knowledge in the Maritime Industry and with a record of routine training & re-training on the dynamics and ever changing nature through which an efficient & safe navigation is ensured.


We have several companies that we have been providing NOTICES TO MARINERS services. Updates to the software has been designed and developed by experts to provide the Mariner with a simple yet effective solution for receiving weekly electronic notices to Mariners and navigational updates, This allows the vessel to remain compliant with maritime regulations at all times. It currently provides updates for; Admiralty Paper Charts & Publications, AVCS, ADP & e-NP digital products, Weather Forecast Information, and many more.

The Software allows the end user to effectively manage their on-board holdings, and can receive updates either by a direct Web Sync or by receiving weekly email files.


On a 24 hours, 7 days weekly & 365 days basis, we ship orders to customers throughout the region in matter of hours within Nigeria, 1 or 2 days basis within the West Africa sub-region & maximum of 3 days to any African Port or Destination.



Brown's Nautical Almanac
British Admiralty Nautical Almanac NP314-   Mariner's Handbook
NP321- Star Almanac for Land Surveyors   XP126- Ports of Scotland
XR204 Reeds Bridge Procedures Guide   XR142- Reeds OKI Channel Almanac
XR144- Reeds OKI Eastern Almanac   XR184- Reeds Oki Nautical Almanac -
XR184LL- Reeds Oki Nautical Almanac - LOOSE LEAF VERSION   XR143- Reeds OKI Western Almanac
XA110- The Astronomical Almanac -   XA111- Astronomical Phenomena -
XA111- Astronomical Phenomena -  


Astronomy   XB028 Bernard's Nautical Star Chart
XB050 Brown's Nautical Star Chart   XB055 Brown's Star Atlas 13.00
XP002A Planisphere - 32'N Covers Middle East, Northern Africa 10" Dia.   XS093 Star Identifier,Rudes


Atlases   XB066-18THREV Brown's Tidal Stream Atlas, British Isles
XL026-27TH Lloyd's Maritime Atlas of world ports and shipping places   XS189-5TH Shipping World Wall Map
XS117-14TH The Ship's Atlas    


Cargo, Stowage, Transportation and Refrigeration   XB171 Bulk Carrier Notes
XB109 Bulk Carriers-Guidelines for Surveyors, Assessment & Repair of Hull Structure   XC182- Cargo Stowage and Securing - A Guide to Good Practice (AP)
XC013- Cargo Work for Maritime Operations by David J House   XC014- Cargo Work, L.G.Taylor
XC179- Carriage of cargoes instructions for the guidance of surveyors Vol 1   XC180- Carriage of cargoes instructions for the guidance of surveyors Vol. 2 Solid bulk
XC123- Coal: Carriage by Sea (LLP)   XC117- Containers-Conditions Law & Practice of Carriage & Use Volumes 1 & 2
XC184- CRUCOGSA - The Physical Behaviour of Crude Oil Influencing its Carriage by Sea   XF055- Fuel Storage Transportation & Supply Agreements by Anthony Jennings
XF056- Fully Refrigerated LPG Carriers   XG015 Glossary of Cargo Handling Terms
XH003 Helicopter Landing Officers Handbook   XI028- IATA Dangerous Goods by Air Regulations Manual
XI028CD- IATA Dangerous Goods by Air Regulations Manual CD-ROM   XM254-EBOOK Manifold Recommendations for Liquefied Gas Carriers EBOOK VERSION
XM254- Manifold Recommendations for Liquefied Gas Carriers SIGTTO/OCIMF   XM253- Manual of Oil Tanker Operations by Dr Raymond Solly
XM255- 2NDEDITION Marine Cargo Surveys   XM210- Marine Heavy Lift and Rigging Operations by David J House
XM177- Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   XN030- Natural Gas by Sea, The Development of a New Technology
XR070- Roll-On/Roll-Off Ships-Code of Practice Stowage & Securing of Vehicles    


Chemicals, Petroleum and Oil   XG104- A Guide to Crude Oil Washing and Cargo Heating Criteria (IT)
XA025 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol. 1 (Tables 5A, 6A)   XA026 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol. 2 (Tables 5B,6B)
XA027 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol. 3 (Table 6C)   XA028 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol. 4 (Tables 23A,24A)
XA029 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol. 5 (Tables 23B,24B)   XA030 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol. 6 (Table 24C)
XA031 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol. 7 (Tables 53A,54A)   XA032 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol. 8 (Tables 53B,54B)
XA033 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol. 9 (Table 54C)   XA034 ASTM Petroleum Tables Vol.10 (Background Development & Program Documentation)
XA035 ASTM Petroleum Tabls Vol.11/12 Tables1,2,3,4,8-14,21,22,26-31,33,34 51,52,56   XA101 ASTM-IP-API Petroleum measurement tables for light hydrocarbon liquids - Den
XC267 BS 7121-2: Code of Practice for Safe use of Cranes, Inspec Test & Exam   XI126- BS ISO 4309: Cranes-Wire Ropes-Care & Maintenance, Inspec & Discard
XB164- Bulk Carrier Register 2012 (Clarksons)   XC256- Chemical Tanker Register 2012 (Clarksons)
XC021- Clarkson Tanker Register   XC257- Containership Register (Clarksons)
XC271- Crude Oil Tanker Basics: The Theory and Practice of Crude Oil Cargo Operations   XG128- Gas Carrier Register (Clarksons)
XG138 Guidance notes on Inspection, Maintenance & Application of Marine Coating System   XO041-EBOOK Guide for correct entries in Oil Record Book,(IT) Pt I - Mach. Space Oper EBOOK
XO041- Guide for correct entries in Oil Record Book,(IT) Pt I - Mach. Space Operations.    


Dictionaries   XD011-4TH Dictionary of Nautical Words and Terms, Captain Miller
XD012-3RD Dictionary of Old Sea Terms by Ansted and revised by Peter Clissold   XD013-5TH Dictionary of Shipping Terms (Brodie)
XD014-5TH Dictionary of Shipping/International Business Trade Terms & Abbreviations   XD101 Dutch/English Dictionary
XD104 German/English - English/German Dictionary   XD102 Romanian/English Dictionary
XR067 Russian/English Dictionary by Wheeler    


Directories and Yearbooks   XF013- Fairplay Ports & Terminals Guide 4 Volume Set + CD ROM
XF014- Fairplay World Shipping Directory   XG022- Guide to Port Entry
XH014- Handy Book for Shipowners and Masters   XI001ACD-5THEDITION I.M.P.A. Marine Stores Catalogue on CD-ROM
XI001A-5TH I.M.P.A. Marine Stores Guide Catalogue   XG025- International Ship Registers & Management Services (Guide to Maritime Ship Reg)
XI002A- International Ship Suppliers Register complete with CD   XI001- ISSA Catalogue Vols 1 & 2 Ships Stores
XI002- ISSA Provisions and Bonded Stores Catalogue   XL006- List of Shipowners, Managers & Managing Agents
XL027- Lloyd's Maritime Directory Vol 1, 2 and 3 and CD-ROM    


The Stationary Office Publications (TSO)   XC270 Code of Practice for Controlling Risks due to Hand-transmitted Vibration on Ship
XC268 Code of Practice for Controlling Risks due to Noise on Ships   XC269 Code of Practice for Controlling Risks due to Whole-body Virbration in Ships
XC066CON- Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen CONSOLIDATED   XC066A10-NOV2010 Code Safe Working Practices Amendment
DP330- NavPac & Compact Data including CD-ROM   XI019-2NDEDITION International Health Regulations
XM001- Merchant Shipping Notices Consolidated Edition (Vols.:1, 2, 3 & 4)   XP066 Ports Designated in Application of the International Health Regulations (WHO)
XP073 Prevention of Oil Pollution from Ships- Instructions for theGuidance of Surveyor   XP069 Prevention of Pollution/Garbage/Ships (Instruction/guidance/surveyors)


List Of Lights
NP074- List of Lights Vol.A   NP075- List of Lights Vol B
NP076- List of Lights Vol.C   NP077- List of Lights Vol.D
NP078- List of Lights Vol E   NP234/ Cumulative List Adm.Notices to Mariners January
NP234/ Cumulative List Adm.Notices to Mariners   NP234/ NEW EDITION DUE - Cumulative List Adm.Notices to Mariners
NP234/- NEW EDITION DUE - Cumulative List Adm.Notices to Mariners   NP247(1)- Annual Summary of Admiralty Notices to Mariners T & P Notices
NP247(1)- NEW EDITION DUE - Annual Summary of Admiralty Notices to Mariners T & P Notices   NP247(2)- Annual Summary of Admiralty Notice to Mariners Amdts Sailing Directions
NP247(2)- -Annual Summary of Admiralty Notice to Mariners Amdts Sailing Directions   NP294- How to Keep your Admiralty Charts Up-to-Date
NP303(1)- Rapid Sight Reduction Tables for Navigation Vol 1   NP303(2)- Rapid Sight Reduction Tables for Navigation Vol 2
NP303(3)- Rapid Sight Reduction Tables for Navigation Vol 3   NP323 Star Finder and Identifier
NP350(1)- Admiralty Distance Tables - Atlantic Ocean   NP735-IALA Maritime Buoyage System


NP281(1)-List of Radio Signals Volume 1, Part 1   NP281(2)-List of Radio Signals Volume 1, Part 2
NP282-List of Radio Signals,Vol 2.   NP283(1)- List Radio Signals Vol 3 (Part 1) Europe,Africa,Asia (including far east)
NP283(2)-List Radio Signals Vol 3 (Part 2) The Americas, Far East and Oceania   NP284-List of Radio Signals,Vol.4
NP285-List of Radio Signals,Vol.5 Global Maritime Distress and Safety   NP286(1)- Servs, Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops Pt 1 UK & Eur exc Arctic Baltic & Med
NP286(2)-Pilot Servs, Vsl Traf Servs & Port Ops Pt 2 Eur ,Arctic & Baltic   NP286(3)-Pilot Servs, Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops Pt 3 Med,Black,Red Sea and Africa
NP286(4)-Pilot & Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops-Persian Gulf,Oman,IndianSubCont,SE Asia,Aus   NP286(5)-Pilot Servs,Vsl Traffic Svs & Port Ops Pt 5 North America, Canada & Greenland
NP286(6)-Pilot Servs, Vsl Traffic Servs & Port Ops Pt 6 North East Asia    


NP001- Africa Pilot Vol.1   NP002- Africa Pilot Vol.2
NP003- Africa Pilot Vol.3   NP004- South-East Alaska Pilot
NP005- South America Pilot Vol.1   NP006- South America Pilot Vol.2
NP007- South America Pilot Vol.3    


CBT231 Admiralty Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs - Computer Based Training   NP201/ Admiralty Tide Tables Vol 1 - U.K. & Irelands (including European
NP202/ Admiralty Tide Tables Vol 2 - Europe (excl UK & Ireland) Med Sea & Atlantic 2013)   NP203/ Admiralty Tide Tables Vol 3-Indian Ocean & South China Sea
NP204/ Admiralty Tide Tables Vol 4 Pacific Ocean (inc Tidal Stream)    


T-203EBOOK IMO Model Course 2.03 Advanced Training in Fire Fighting EBOOK   T-304E-EBOOK IMO Model Course 3.04 Survey of Electrical Installations Course ETA304E EBOOK
T-323E-EBOOK IMO Model Course 3.23 Piracy & Armed Robbery Prevention, ET323E   T-324E-EBOOK IMO Model Course 3.24 Security Awareness Training designation Security duties
T-610E-EBOOK IMO Model Course 6.10 Train the Simulator Trainer and Assessor EBOOK (ET610E)   T-703E-EBOOK IMO Model Course 7.03 Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (Course) ETA703E
T-320E-EBOOK Model Course - ISPS - Company Security Officer, - EBOOK   T-319E-EBOOK Model Course - ISPS - Ship Security Officer, EBOOK
T-325E-EBOOK Model Course 3.25 Security Awareness Training for Port Facility Personnel-EBOOK   T-321E-EBOOK Model Course-ISPS-Port Facility Security Officer, ETA321E EBOOK
T-127E- IMO Model Course 1.27 Operation use of Elect. Chart Display and Info.Sys   T-128E IMO Model Course 1.28 Proficiency in Crowd Management for Passengers/Ro-Ro Ships
T-129E IMO Mode Course 1.29 Crisis Management Proficiency 2000   T-130E IMO Course 1.30 Assessement of Training on Board Ships
T-131E- IMO Course 1.31 Second-Class Radioelectrical Certificate for Global Maritime Dis   T-132E IMO Course 1.32 Operational use of Integrated Bridge Systems incl Integrated Nav
T-134E- IMO Course 1.34 Operational use of AIS   T-135E- IMO Course 1.35 LPG Tanker Cargo & Ballast Handling
T-138E IMO Course 1.38 Marine Environmental Awareness 2011 (T138E)   T-203E IMO Model Course 2.03 Advanced Training in Fire Fighting
T-206E IMO Model Course 2.06 Cargo & Ballast Handling Simulator   T-207E IMO Model Course 2.07 Engine Room Simulator
T-302E IMO Model Course 3.02 Survey of Small Craft   T-303E- IMO Model Course 3.03 Survey of Machinery Installations (Course) (TA303E)
T-304E- IMO Model Course 3.04 Survey of Electrical Installations Course   T-305E- IMO Model Course 3.05 Survey of Fire Appliances & Provisions
T-306E- IMO Model Course 3.06 Survey of Life-Saving Appliances   T-307E- IMO Model Course 3.07 Hull and Structural Surveys 3 Vols
IMO-K960E- CONSOLIDATED IAMSAR M Vol 1 Organization & Man. - Imo Bookshelf (KG960E)   IMO-K962E- CONSOLIDATED IAMSAR Manual Vol 3-Mobile Facilities - Imo Bookshelf (KG962E)
SLMM1003EA- Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Manual(GMDSS Manual)   IMO-K970E- GMDSS Manual - Imo Bookshelf (KE970E)
SLMM1299EA- IMDG Code   IMO-176E- Solas Amendments , (I176E)
IMO-176F- Solas Amendments - FRENCH EDITION (I176F)   IMO-176S- Solas Amendments, - SPANISH EDITION (I176S)
IMO-520E- Marpol Consolidated Edition (ID520E)   IMO-520F- Marpol Consolidated Edition - FRENCH EDITION (ID520F)
IMO-520S- Marpol Consolidated Edition - SPANISH EDITION (ID520S)   IMO-525F- MARPOL Amendments, Edition I525F
IMO-810E- MODU Code (I810E)   IMO-904E- Collision Regulations (COLREG), (IB904E)
IMO-904F- Collision Regulations (COLREG), FRENCH (IB904F)   IMO-927E- Ship's Routeing, (ID927E)
IMO-927S- Ships Routeing (Spanish Version)Inc Amdts. (IB927S)   IMO-938E- STCW including Manila Amendments, IC938E
IMO-938S- STCW including 2010 Manila Amendments, SPANISH Edition, IC938S   IMO-981E- Life-Saving Appliances Symbols(Poster), IB981E
IMO-982E- LSA Code , ID982E   IMO-982ECORR LSA Code Corrigendum
IMO-994E- International Code of Signals (IA994E)   IMO-994S- International Code of Signals Spanish Edition, IA994S
IMO-EB117E- ISM Code and Guidelines-E BOOK EDITION (EB117E)   IMO-K260E- IMSBC Code and Supplement - Imo Bookshelf (KF260E)


International Chamber of Shippping Publications (ICS)   XB037- Bridge Procedure Guide complete with CD
XG020- Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations including CD Rom (ICS)   XR199 Regs4Ships Annual Subscription
XR198 Rescue at Sea-A guide to principles & practice as applied to migrants & refugees   XS045- Ship/Shore Safety Checklist for Bulk Carriers(ICS)-per pad
Oil Companies International Marine Forum Publications (OCIMF)   XA092- An Intro. to the Design & Maintenance of Cargo System Pressure Relief Valves
XI177-EBOOK An Introduction to Fuel Analysis EBOOK   XA011 Anchor Practice - A Guide for Industry
XA014- Anchoring Systems & Procedures   XA014-EBOOK Anchoring Systems & Procedures E-BOOK
XC050- Clean Seas Guide for Oil Tankers (Retention of Oil Residues on Board)    


International Telecommunications Union (ITU)   XI037CD- CD-ROM - ITU Radio Regulations Vols 1E/98,2E/98,3E/98,4E/98 - 4 vols
XI034- ITU List of Coast Stations & Special Services Stations LIST IV CD ROM   XI034-SUPP1 ITU List of Coast Stations & Special Services Stations LIST IV Supplement 1
XI034-SUPP2 ITU List of Coast Stations & Special Services Stations LIST IV Supplement 2   XI032- ITU List of International Monitoring Stations VIII
XI039- ITU List Ship Stations & Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments CD   XI036- ITU Manual for use Maritime Mobile & Maritime mobile Sat svcsCD ROM Multilingual
XI039-SUPP1 List Ship Stations & Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assign CD supp   XI039-SUPP2 List Ship Stations & Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assign CD supp 2
XI039-SUPP3 List Ship Stations & Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assign CD supp 3   XI037- NEW EDITION DUE - ITU Radio Regulations Vols 1-4 on CD


Marine Engineering   XA069- Advanced Engineering Mathematics
XR138- BS 7671: Requirements for electrical installations. IEE Wiring Regulations.   XC178 Celebration of engineering: key papers from the last century
XD021-3RD Diesel Engines,(A.J.Wharton)   XE066-6TH Engineering Mathematics
XE084 Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics - by Anthony Bradford   XE064-4TH Engineering Science by E. Hughes, C. Hughes, W Bolton
XF021- Feed Water Systems & Treatment by G T Flanigan   XG012-3RD General Engineering Knowledge- (Heinemann)
XI176 International guidelines for the safe operation of DP offshore Supply Vessels   XI124 International Rigging & Lifting Handbook by NSL


Medical   XA062- Accident Book, HSE
XB115- BMA New Guide to Medicines & Drugs   XB123- British National Formulary
XB123- British National Formulary   XF026- First Aid Manual(St Johns)
XI038-3RD International Medical Guide for Ships (WHO)   XQ003 Quantification Addendum: International Medical Guide for Ships
XS040- Ship Captains Medical Guide(TSO)    


Meterology   XM132- Maritime Weather and Climate
XM069- Meteorology for Seafarers - B.S.& F   XN024- Notes on Meteorology, by Kemp and Young


Oilfield Publications Limited (OPL)   XI117 An Introduction to Marine Drilling by Malcolm Maclachlan
XI119 An Introduction to Offshore Maintenance   XI118 An Introduction to Offshore Safety and Survival by Peter Springett
XA008 Anchor Handling - Volume 3   XA060- Anchor Handling Tugs and Supply Vessels of the World
XA058- Australasia Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map   XA059-5THEDITION A-Z of Offshore Support Vessels of the World
XB169- Ballast Water Management 3rd edition   XB114A Barge Mooring - Volume 6
XB114 Barge Moving - Volume 5   XC165-3RD Cable Lay and Maintenance Vessels of the World
XC163- Canadian and North Atlantic Oil & Gas Activity and Concession Map   XC164- Construction Vessels of the World
XD071- Dredgers of the World   XD003 Dynamic Positioning Volume 9 (OPL)
XG087 Guidelines for Marine Operations   XG086-Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Activity and Lease Map 1385mm x 980mm
XI025 Introduction to Diving Operations Offshore   XI129 Introduction to ROV Operations
XJ002 Jack-up Moving - Volume 2    


Seamanship, Shiphandling and Shipboard Operations   XA010-Accident Prevention on Board Ship and in Port
XA040A- 11TH Admiralty Manual of Seamanship International (HARDBACK)   XA018-6TH Adriatic Pilot by T & D Thompson
XA061- Anchoring Large Vessels - A New Approach   XB020-7TH Basic Seamanship - by P Clissold
XB024-Basic Ship Theory Vol 1 - 5th Edition   XB025-Basic Ship Theory Vol 2 - 5th Edition
XB144-Bridge Resource Management Manual on Floppy Disc (IT)   XB051 Brown's Pocket Book for Seamen
XI121-BS EN ISO 9004:2009 Quality management systems. Guidelines for perform. improv.   XC122- Code of Conduct for the Merchant Navy
XC120-REV Code of Conduct for the Merchant Navy Master's Guide to Shipboard Disciplinary    


Ships Business   XS245-1993 BS 6441:1993, ISO 91-1:1992 Title: Schedule for petroleum measurement tables
XB166 Business and Law for the Mariner   XC188-2004 Classification and Statutory Surveys Handbook 2004
XC245 Commercial Management in Shipping by Dykstra, Don   XO007-2005 EH40/2005 Workplace Exposure Limits
XE056 Essentials of Health & Safety at Work   XG006-1998 Guidelines for the Preparation of Garbage Management Plans
XG058-4TH2010 Guidelines on Application of IMO International Safety Management Code(ISM)   XI171 International Law of Shipmaster


Ship Stability   XM063-7TH Merchant Ship Stability, by Pursey
XM174-2ND Merchant Ship Stability, Trim and Strength   XN058-Navigation Advanced Mates/Masters (Seamanship International)
XS324 Seamanship Notes by Seamanship International   XS299-Ship Dynamics for Mariners by Mr I Clarke
XS216-BOOK Ship Stability (Mates/Masters) by Seamanship International   XS047-7TH Ship Stability for Masters & Mates, by Derrett
XS048-Ship Stability Notes & Examples, by Kemp & Young Third Edition   XS094-4TH Stability & Trim for the Ship's Officer
XM197-A Master's Guide to Berthing   XA114-Anchor Handling Vessel Safety
XA116- Asia Pacific Offshore Oil & Gas Fields Directory