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Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs)

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) are digital vector charts produced to International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) standards. As a reseller of ENCs and other digital chart products, Chronicles Energy Services Ltd can recommend and supply the best solution for your vessel or fleet needs.

Our team of digital product experts are always available to assist with migration from paper to electronic products and services if required. We will advise on the most appropriate products, with options that include ENCs, through to ENCs mixed with various backup solutions including paper.
Once electronic indexes have been agreed upon, our experts ensures that permits and the ENC cells themselves are supplied to the ship promptly. Regular coverage reviews take place to deal with changes to voyage and additional ENC coverage.
Permit expiry reminders are supplied and a pro-active approach to renewals and provision of data is taken. This is especially important with the current choice of permit durations.


1321 Ports and Terminals in the Gulf of Guinea
1322 Ports and Anchorages in Central West Africa
1356 Bahia de Corisco to Estuaire du Gabon
1362 Harper to Sassandra
1363 Cape Saint Ann to Monrovia
1364 Monrovia to Greenville
1365 Greenville to Harper
1380 Ports and Anchorages in Ghana, Togo and Benin
1381 Approaches to Lagos
1382 Approaches to Tahiti and Moorea
1383 Lagune Aby to Tema
1384 Tema to Cotonou
1385 Cotonou to Pennington River
1386 Pennington River to Opobo River
1387 Calabar to Bata including Isla de Bioko
2812 Lagos Harbour
3099 San-Pedro and Approaches
3100 Sassandra to Lagune Aby
3101 Outer Approaches to Port D' Abidjan
3102 Takoradi and Sekondi Bays
3103 Port d'Abidjan
3113 Cape Three Points to Saltpond
3118 Lagos to Gamba
3286 Approaches to Bonny River
3287 Bonny River Field Point to Ford Point
3288 Bonny River Ford Point to Port Harcourt
3290 Approaches to Pointe-Noire
3291 Cabinda and Malongo Terminals
3305 Chanomi Creek and Warri River
3306 Nana Creek and Benin River
3307 Ports in the Niger Delta
3321 Entrances to Escravos and Forcados Rivers
3327 Bata to Libreville including Ilhas do Principe and de Sao Tome
3328 Libreville to Gamba
3432 Saltpond to Tema
3433 Approaches to Calabar Sheet 1
3434 Approaches to Calabar Sheet 2
3448 Plans in Angola
4209 Freetown to Luanda